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We’re Still Here for You

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Dental offices in Florida have been directed by the governor’s office to cease performing elective services until at least May 8th.


Gov. Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 20-72 to dentists and other medical providers — like hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, office surgery centers, orthodontic and endodontic providers, and other health care provider practices — so that the medical community could focus on defeating the coronavirus and overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic.


Non-Essential Services


That means that non-essential and non-emergency procedures like teeth cleanings, regular checkups, and dental procedures that aren’t urgent will need to be rescheduled when normal services resume.


But dentists in Florida are still providing emergency care to patients who need it, despite the coronavirus crisis. If you are in extreme pain, have been in an accident and need immediate dental attention, or have other dental needs that cannot wait you can still call us.


At McCosh Family Dentistry, we want this crisis to be over as quickly as possible. That’s why we encourage patients to stay home and stay safe.


But we also understand that there are some patients that just can’t wait for emergency dental services. Nobody should have to suffer through pain because of urgent dental issues. That’s why we are still here for you, our patients, throughout this crisis and we will continue to provide the kind of quality dental care you deserve long after it has ended.


In This Together


If you have a routine dental issue or a standard appointment currently scheduled prior to May 8 (or beyond that date if the advisory is extended) all you need to do is call. Our staff is on the job and happy to help you reschedule for a post-crisis time that is convenient for you and your family.


But if you are in urgent need of dental care because you are in severe pain, have been in an accident, or have some other type of dental issue that just can’t wait, you can rely on us. We will be there to help.

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