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Invisalign vs. Mail Order Braces



People today have many more options when it comes to getting straight teeth. In addition to traditional braces, there are also Invisalign, which are transparent teeth straightening devices that allow users to get straight teeth without the embarrassment or inconvenience of metal braces.


Now there are other products that claim to offer the same advantages as Invisalign but are mailed directly to users instead of requiring visits to a dentist’s office. While these mail order braces are transparent like Invisalign and eventually can give you straighter teeth, they lack the personal care and attention that Invisalign offers.


Caring for Your Smile


Mail order transparent teeth straighteners require users to rely a lot on a company they don’t know and people they never meet. It’s an anonymous, impersonal service that doesn’t give you the quality, professional, in-person care that you would receive from your personal dentist. Instead, you are putting your trust and hopes on a company that could be thousands of miles away and doesn’t know anything or necessarily care about your optimal oral health.


It’s also practically impossible for providers of mail-order transparent braces to know if their product is working right for you. Instead, the users are forced to perform their own dental examinations and report back the results. And unless you have experience as a dental professional, it’s hard to know what you are looking for.


Personal Care for Superior Success


Invisalign gives you fast, effective teeth straightening under the direct supervision and care of a professional dentist. Rather than relying on instinct and guesswork, Invisalign lets your dentist adapt your treatment to your specific needs and progress. This can speed up the teeth straightening process and avoid problems and dangers.


If you want straight teeth but you don’t want traditional wire braces, Invisalign gives you what you want under the professional care of your own dentist who you know and trust.

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