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Invisalign vs Traditional Braces


Up until recently, the only way to straighten teeth was through traditional braces. While these are fine for adolescents and high schoolers, their visibility made them unrealistic for many adults — especially those in the working world.


But today, teenagers and adults alike can get the straight, perfect teeth they want without unsightly metal braces, wires, and rubber bands. Invisalign is a revolutionary new teeth-straightening technique that gradually straightens teeth using mostly invisible aligners.


Benefits of Invisalign


Unless you tell people you are wearing them, most of your friends and co-workers may not even realize you are using Invisalign aligners to get the kind of bright, straight teeth that improve your attractiveness while improving oral health. Invisalign aligners are clear in color, so they stay hidden when you smile.


Like traditional braces, Invisalign aligners straighten your teeth through a slow but gradual process. After a dental examination, your dentist will create a series of several different aligners, each of which slowly moves your teeth until they are perfectly straight. But unlike traditional braces, you don’t have to deal with the frustration and embarrassment of wires, metal, and rubber bands in your mouth.


Small Steps, Huge Goal


Each individual has unique teeth. So there is no single timeline for the Invisalign process. Your dentist will work with you to determine how long you need to wear each graduated Invisalign aligner. Generally, aligners may be transitioned to the next level every two weeks or so. But it could be longer or shorter depending on your specific situation.


Most adults can complete the Invisalign treatment in about one year, but it could be longer or shorter depending on your teeth. When the process is finished, however, you can enjoy straight teeth and the admiration and compliments that come with having a beautiful smile.


Getting started is easy: Simply call McCosh Family Dentistry and tell them you would like bright, straight, beautiful teeth using the Invisalign system. Adults and teenagers alike can benefit from the easy, embarrassment-free Invisalign process for getting straight, perfect teeth.



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