Dental implants are artificial teeth that are surgically inserted into your jaw, providing the same feel and function as your original teeth. Implants typically are custom-created to match your natural teeth making it virtually impossible to tell the two apart. At McCosh Family Dentistry, we offer a full array of dental implants for patients who suffer from tooth loss, tooth decay, gum disease, traumatic injury, or other conditions that require them. They offer the ideal cosmetic and functional solution for a variety of common yet serious dental issues.

Benefits of Implants

Very often, patients who have tried other dental solutions such as dentures or bridges turn to implants to provide a more permanent solution. Unlike dentures, dental implants won’t fall out or slide around while you are eating or speaking. Because they are permanently attached to your jaw just like your real teeth, you can chew, eat, and speak more clearly, comfortably, and with confidence.

Implants also won’t affect your other teeth. Unlike bridges, which can grind down the adjacent teeth to which they are attached, implants aren’t connected to anything but your jaw.

They also can last a lifetime. Typically, implants are made of durable materials such as titanium or zirconium, so they can provide decades of service with the same simple care you give your other teeth.

The Simple, Convenient Solution

Dental implants have a very high rate of success. They offer a simple, convenient, and worry-free solution to a variety of serious dental issues. And they are long-lasting, easy to care for, and can dramatically improve your smile. Now you can eat your favorite foods and smile with confidence while experiencing zero pain or discomfort.

McCosh Family Dentistry is South Florida’s one-stop shopping destination for dental implants that can make your mouth more comfortable, your smile wider and brighter, and your whole life better!

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