McCosh Family Dentistry Offers South Florida Invisalign

When you were in elementary school or high school, wearing braces was no big deal. That’s because many of your peers probably were wearing braces. So if you did wear wire braces to straighten your teeth, it may have been mildly embarrassing but it was probably no big deal.

Flash forward to the present day: While wearing braces in high school is socially acceptable, wearing them as an adult as common. So if you are long past your high school days but still want straight perfect teeth, one option to consider is South Florida Invisalign.

South Florida Invisalign – Better than Braces

South Florida Invisalign

Invisalign perform the same function as wire braces. They gently straighten your teeth over time so that they form a perfect, straight set of teeth.

But unlike wire braces, Invisalign are transparent. They use aligners to straighten your teeth without anybody knowing that you are wearing them. So you don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of wearing adult braces because nobody has to know.

McCosh Family Dentistry offers South Florida Invisalign for our patients, regardless of their age. If you want to have straight, perfect teeth but don’t want to go through the hassle and embarrassment of wearing adult braces, we can help.

South Florida Invisalign — Live Your Life Normally

One of the best things about South Florida Invisalign is that you can continue to eat and drink anything you like. Unlike wire braces, Invisalign doesn’t have wires, metal, or brackets to catch food particles.

People wearing Invisalign teeth straighteners also can brush and floss normally so they can continue to maintain healthy gums and teeth. Most teenagers who wear wire braces are required to clean their teeth more frequently using a water pic or other specialized devices

South Florida Invisalign — Comfortable and Convenient

When you wear South Florida Invisalign you wear each set of aligners for a period of about two weeks. They are to be removed only to eat, drink, brush, or floss.

Each week, your teeth will gradually move into a straighter position without pain or discomfort. The process is gradual, lasting about 6 to 15 months in total, with most patients wearing between 12 and 30 different sets of aligners.

At McCosh Family Dental, we offer Invisalign to our patients who want straight, perfect teeth but don’t want to deal with the hassle of wearing adult braces. Most patients only have to see us every 6 to 8 weeks while wearing Soth Florida Invisalign.

If you are ready to improve your smile with perfectly straight teeth using Invisalign, simply schedule an appointment with McCosh Family Dentistry by calling 954-606-6467.

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