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Call Immediately If You Have Tooth Pain

Tooth Pain


When you call your dentist’s office to make an appointment for a checkup or exam, it can sometimes take weeks or even a month before you can get in. But when you are suffering from tooth pain, it’s a whole different story.

At McCosh Family Dentistry, we prioritize patients in active pain, setting aside a few slots in our daily schedule for acute care appointments. We don’t want you to suffer a moment longer than you have to with tooth pain.

Eliminating Tooth Pain

A sore tooth can be caused by a variety of different factors. It could be a cavity that has formed, exposing a portion of the tooth nerve to air, food particles, and other irritants. Or it might be a cracked or fractured tooth. In some cases, it can simply be impacted food in the spaces in between the teeth or the crevices within the tooth itself.

Most people suffering from tooth pain care less about what’s causing it than they do about eliminating it. The nerves inside teeth are prone to severe pain, much more than the nerves in other parts of the body. So when you are suffering from tooth pain, it can be especially unpleasant and unbearable. That’s why it’s so important that you call McCosh Family Dentistry as soon as possible so that we can schedule you right away.

Care for Tooth Pain

If you have a sore tooth, you don’t want to wait to get help. That’s why we will work to accommodate you as quickly as possible, often putting you at the front of the line for dental care.

Our primary goal is to eliminate the excruciating pain that can come with a sore tooth, then address the underlying issue that is causing the pain. Don’t suffer a moment longer than you have to when you have tooth pain. Call the professionals at McCosh Family Dentistry.


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