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The Most Effective Way to Find a New Dentist

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There are lots of reasons people need to choose a new dentist. Maybe their old dentist retired. Or perhaps they moved away. Or it could be they simply didn’t care for the quality of service they provided by their current dentist and want to find somebody better.


Whatever the reason, finding a new dentist doesn’t have to be a difficult or time-consuming task. When you take a measured, sensible approach, it’s possible to have a  new dentist for your entire family in just a few days or weeks.


Word of Mouth


The most effective way to find a new dentist is by word of mouth (no pun intended). Asking family, friends, neighbors, and even co-workers about which dentist they use will almost certainly bring a number of new recommendations. Listen closely to those who are passionate fans of their current dentist and put those names at the top of your list.


Looking online is another way to gain exposure to a lot of dentists in your area. But it’s hard to tell from websites or even online reviews how good a dentist will be. Listing to real-life people who you already know and trust is a better plan.


Starting Point


Once you get the names of a few dentists that you might be interested in, the next step is to do a little legwork. Call their offices and inquire about appointments, insurance, and other basic questions.


The way their office staff responds to your questions is often a good indication of the way you will be treated by the practice. If they are friendly and helpful, you may want to make a trial appointment. If they are hurried and refer you to their website, you may want to take a pass.


Finally, if you live in South Florida, there is one simple way to find an outstanding dental practice. Simply choose McCosh Family Dentistry. We have the experience, knowledge, and unsurpassed patient care you want for you and your family.

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