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Teeth Whitening Essentials for Every Lifestyle

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Perfectly white teeth are inherently attractive. They make your smile brighter and can boost your self-confidence, making you more likely to succeed at work, in love, and throughout practically every aspect of your life.


But most people don’t have naturally white teeth. Even people like movie stars and TV hosts whose teeth you admire have had to take steps to get the perfect bright, white teeth. If you truly want white teeth, you can get them. There are just a number of steps you have to take.


Toothpaste and OTC Products


Walk into any drug store or the personal care aisle of your favorite marketplace and you will see rows and rows of oral care products that include so-called “teeth whitening” elements. Do these work? Let’s put it this way: If they did, wouldn’t everybody be walking around with perfect white teeth?


Toothpaste with whitening agents isn’t as effective as Over The Counter (OTC) teeth whitening products. But even OTCs only provide partial benefits, and that’s if you strictly follow the instructions and stay with it throughout the entire course of treatment — which many people don’t do.


A Better Plan


Would you try to fix your car yourself? What about replacing the roof on your home? Probably not. So why would you try to whiten your teeth on your own? Instead, a better option is to leave it to the professionals.


McCosh Family Dentistry offers a variety of options for giving you the bright, white teeth you’ve always wanted. There is a one-time in-office bleaching, in which your teeth are thoroughly cleaned and then whitened using bleach by a trained dentist. During the procedure, your gums and lips are protected using a rubber dam and/or protective gel.


Another option is at-home bleaching trays that are provided and supervised by your dentist. These are highly effective but work slowly over time to give you white teeth under the guidance, direction, and encouragement of your dentist.


White teeth are something everybody wants. The best way to get them is with the help of the professionals at McCosh Family Dentistry.



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