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Relax! We Offer Pain-Free Dentistry

Does Invisalign Hurt?

Many people dread going to the dentist for one very good reason: They are afraid it’s going to hurt. And in the old days, that was a legitimate fear. Things like drilling, extractions, and even cleaning teeth could be a scary, pain-free experience.


But not anymore. Thanks to the miracle of modern dentistry, most patients at McCosh Family Dentistry can have a pain-free experience even during the most invasive procedures.


No Pain, Period


How can we prevent patients from experiencing pain during their dental procedures? There are two very good reasons for this. The first is that our expert dental professionals strive to provide the optimal experience for all of our patients. And that includes a clean and efficient office facility, outstanding customer service, and minimal pain.


The other is the most advanced pain-relieving and pain-blocking medications available today. For practically every procedure, the most unpleasant feeling you will experience is perhaps the slightest bit of pressure or the pain-free discomfort of the dentist working inside your mouth.


Gone are the days of painful drilling, excruciating extractions, and other unpleasant painful experiences. Instead, you can look forward to a dental experience that is designed to be pain- and worry-free.


See for Yourself


If you have been staying away from the dentist because you are afraid of the pain, we invite you to come to McCosh Family Dentistry and see for yourself. A lot has changed since the last time you visited the dentist. And now you can experience the family-centric, pain-free dentistry for yourself.


Everybody needs to see their dentist. But not everybody has to submit to painful, unpleasant dental experiences.


At McCosh Family Dentistry, we don’t think going to the dentist should be an unpleasant experience. Instead, you may even find yourself looking forward to your next dental appointment for a change.

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