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New to South Florida? Welcome!

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South Florida has one of the fastest-growing populations in the United States. Every year, more and more people discover the benefits of living here, including our tropical climate, the welcoming business environment, and the laid back lifestyle.


But moving to a new area can be difficult, even one as warm and wonderful as South Florida. Not only do you have to worry about getting settled into a new place, but you have to relearn the intricacies of your environment all over again.


Well, let McCosh Family Dentistry help you with one aspect of moving into your new home: Finding a new dentist!


Reliable, Trusted Dental Services


McCosh Family Dentistry welcomes new patients with open arms. Unlike a lot of dental practices, we won’t turn you away because we are too busy or force you to join a waiting list for needed dental services. Instead, we invite you to join the hundreds of happy, healthy patients who rave about the quality of care they receive from our professional dental experts.


At McCosh Family Dentistry, we provide everybody with the same high-quality, caring dental care they deserve, regardless of their age or where they came from. New residents, old and established citizens, and even people just visiting all can enjoy the kind of professional, pain-free dental care they need without worry.


Gentle and Comfortable Dental Care


When you arrive at our dental office, you will immediately notice the difference. Our staff is friendly and helpful. We will take the time to patiently explain what dental services you are entitled to under your insurance and help you and your family get the most of what you deserve.


And we specialize in providing comfortable, pain-free dental care regardless of the extent or intensity of the service you require. From cleanings to fillings, our gentle and caring dental staff will take every step to ensure your comfort and happiness.


So if you are new to the area, welcome! Come see for yourself why McCosh Family Dentistry is the dental care provider of choice among so many of your new friends and neighbors.




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