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Let Us Know If Your Dental Insurance Has Changed

Let Us Know If Your Dental Insurance Has Changed

If you have recently changed jobs or if your current employer has recently changed insurance carriers, it’s important that you let your dentist know. A change in your dental insurance can have a significant effect on your dental care.


When your dental insurance changes and you don’t let us know, we might submit your claim to the old company. And because you are no longer covered by that dental insurer, the claim will almost certainly be denied.


Avoiding Dental Bill Problems


When your claim is denied, the bill probably will be sent back to you. It will then be up to you to either pay it yourself or submit it to your new dental insurance carrier.


The problem is that some dental insurance companies require certain procedures to be approved by them prior to being performed. So if you didn’t let us know that you have a new dental insurer, we obviously wouldn’t be able to seek approval prior for the procedure — and that could mean that you ultimately could be responsible for the bill.


Getting the Most from Your Dental Insurance 


Another good reason to let us know if your dental insurer changes is so that we can maximize your dental benefits. For example, many dental insurers will pay for teeth cleaning once, twice, or even three times per year. We can pre-schedule these cleaning appointments so that you can get everything that you are due from your dental insurance.


It’s also important that we know about what is covered and what’s not, how much of a deductible you are responsible for paying, and other critical information that can help us maximize your dental insurance benefits.


There’s an easy solution for avoiding these types of problems. Anytime your dental insurance changes, it’s important that you let your dentist know.

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