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Implants Offer a Permanent Solution for Common Dental Problems


female dentist turning on lamp before treatment CNVTG6H 1 300x204 - Implants Offer a Permanent Solution for Common Dental ProblemsWhen it comes to fixing your teeth, you have a lot of options. But sometimes even when you take care of your teeth by following good oral health habits every day, something can go wrong.


For example, some people simply have a genetic predisposition to problems like tooth decay or gum disease. For others, disease, accident, or injury can cause teeth to become damaged or even to fall out. When this happens, the best solution is often dental implants.


What Are Dental Implants?


As the name implies, dental implants are essentially artificial teeth that are surgically inserted into the jaw, effectively replacing the missing tooth with a synthetic tooth that is just as strong and just as bright as the other teeth. Plus, dental implants aren’t subject to tooth decay so they effectively can last a lifetime.


Typically, implants are custom made to match your other natural teeth. They will be fitted for color, texture, and size so they will appear perfectly natural to other people. In many cases, people with dental implants have a hard time telling which of their own teeth are natural and which are implants!


Consider Dental Implants If …


So who gets dental implants? Lots of people. They typically are used as a solution for patients who suffer from conditions like advanced tooth decay, tooth loss, and gum disease. They also are often used for patients who have lost teeth due to a traumatic injury such as a car accident or a hockey fight.


Dental implants are one of many solutions for patients with missing or damaged teeth. But they typically are one of the most ideal and functional ways to deal with a variety of common yet serious dental issues.


Are dental implants right for you? Find out today by making an appointment at McCosh Family Dentistry, one of South Florida’s most respected providers of all kinds of dental services including dental implants.

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