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Good Customer Service Still Matters

Good Customer Service

Have you noticed that the quality of customer service at many businesses has decreased in recent months? There’s a reason for this.

When the global pandemic occurred, many businesses shut down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Now that the crisis is winding down, businesses are reopening. But many are having trouble rehiring the original people that were laid off because they either took other jobs or are reluctant to go back to work.

As a result, things like going to a fast-food drive-through, shopping at a grocery store, and even going to the doctor’s office can be more frustrating than anything else. Thanks to a shortfall in the number of workers available, employees at these and other businesses tend to be either overworked and agitated or inexperienced and unhelpful at providing high-quality customer service.

The McCosh Family Difference

At McCosh Family Dentistry, we have always prioritized great customers service because we feel the way you are treated when you go to the dentist is just as important as the dental treatment you receive. When patients are treated properly from the moment they walk through the door, their overall experience is more relaxed, more satisfying, and more pleasant.

We know that not everybody loves going to the dentist. So we strive to create a friendly and helpful customer service experience to ease your anxiety and help you feel more comfortable. And it really works! Our patients tell us that the customer service experience they receive when visiting our dental practice makes a big difference in their satisfaction with their dental care.

Families Welcome

Our approach toward customer service at McCosh Family Dentistry is simple: Treat every patient like they were members of our own family. From our intake staff to our schedulers to our dental professionals, our goal is to put the patient at ease, treat them with respect and dignity, and make the overall experience something positive and relaxing.

While other companies struggle to get back to the customer service standards they offered before the pandemic, we never faltered. Come in and see for yourself.

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