You Don’t Have to Avoid Holiday Treats

You Don't Have to Avoid Holiday TreatsDentists often get a bad rap, especially around the holidays. That’s because we are constantly urging our patients to avoid sugary treats that can cause cavities.

During the holidays, however, it’s practically impossible to escape all those delicious temptations. From sugar cookies to candied nuts and more, there are plenty of sugar-filled treats to enjoy during any holiday celebration.

While the health of your teeth is important, so is enjoying the holidays with family and friends. So you don’t have to avoid all sugary treats this holiday season. Just follow two simple guidelines and your teeth should be fine.

Enjoy in Moderation

The first guideline is to enjoy your holiday cakes, candies, and other sugary treats in moderation. Overdoing it isn’t just bad for your smile, but also for your waistline. Try to limit yourself to your favorite desserts and avoid overeating.

By limiting your sweet treats to only those you enjoy the most, you can get all the pleasure of your favorite celebration foods without having to worry about overdoing it.

Brush After Every Meal

The second guideline is to make sure to brush after every meal. You should already be doing this anyway but during the holidays it is especially important that you remove sugary residue from the surface of your teeth to avoid breaking down the protective coating that keeps cavities from forming.

If you are traveling to a holiday celebration, pack a toothbrush and a travel-sized tube of toothpaste in your purse or coat so you can always brush your teeth after eating. Once you get into the habit of brushing after every meal regardless of where you are, it becomes second nature.

The holidays come only once per year. Make the most of them. But to help protect your teeth, enjoy your favorite sweet treats in moderation and always brush after every meal.

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