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Confused About Insurance Coverage? We Can Help!

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Very few people who have dental insurance truly understand exactly what is covered and what they need to pay for themselves. It’s almost as if insurance companies want policies to be needlessly dense and confusing so that they are practically impossible for the average person to understand. male dentist doing him work in dentists clinic  300x200 - Confused About Insurance Coverage? We Can Help!


If you have dental insurance for yourself or your family, don’t worry. At McCosh Family Dentistry, we deal with dental insurance companies all day, every day. So we can take a look at your policy and explain in plain, simple language exactly what you can expect from your dental insurer.


Dental Insurance Confusion


If you can’t make heads nor tails of your dental insurance coverage, don’t worry. You are not alone. The average person doesn’t typically have to deal with the legalese found in insurance policies on a daily basis.


Unfortunately, this often leads to people missing out on benefits that they are already paying for, such as teeth cleanings, x-rays, or dental exams. Your dental insurance could cover these costs but you may never know because it’s too hard to translate your policy into easy-to-understand English.


That’s where we can help. In many cases, with one look at the type of policy you have or who is your insurer, we can tell you what you have to pay for out of pocket and what is already covered. This makes it easier for you to make informed decisions about your dental treatment for yourself or your family members.


McCosh Family Dentistry


At McCosh Family Dentistry, we are dental insurance experts because we have to be. Our livelihood depends on it. But we use that knowledge and experience to help our patients take full benefit from their insurance so they can get the most for what they are paying for.


Don’t let your dental benefits go to waste. Let the experts at McCosh Family Dentistry help you make the most of your dental insurance coverage.

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