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Bring the Whole Family to McCosh Family Dentistry!

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There are a lot of different specialties with the dental profession. There are oral surgeons who specialize in performing procedures on the teeth and gums. There are orthodontists whose main job is to straighten crooked teeth. There are even those who specialize in cosmetic dentistry such as veneers and caps.


But what about family dentistry? What does that specialization mean exactly?


The Facts Behind Family Dentistry


The simple truth is that dentists who offer family dentistry have the qualifications and experience to treat patients of every age, from the very young to the elderly.


As we age, our teeth age too. So the dental issues we are likely to encounter during childhood will be vastly different than those we may see as older adults. Family dentists simply have the wealth of experience, education, and skills to address a full range of dental issues, regardless of the patient’s age.


Bring the Whole Family to McCosh Family Dentistry! – The Importance of Family Dentistry


So why should you choose a dentist who specializes in family dentistry rather than a traditional general dentist? The biggest reason is probably so that you can stay with the same dentist throughout your entire life.


Over time, most people develop a trust relationship with their dentist. So going to a specialized dentist for an issue a general dentist can’t resolve can cause anxiety and frustration. A family dentist, on the other hand, can usually provide comprehensive dental services for patients of any age.


Another reason is that, as the name implies, your family dentist can treat everybody in your family, from the youngest infants to the oldest grandparents. Having a single dentist for everybody in your family is not only convenient but simpler and more reassuring.


And when you have the type of high-quality care and outstanding customer service you receive at McCosh Family Dentistry, you won’t want to go anywhere else!

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