You’re Never Too Old for Professional Dental Care

As the body ages, changes occur. Bones can become weaker. Muscle mass can shrink. Even the skin can dry out and wrinkle.

Your teeth and gums are not immune to aging. Like other parts of the body, over time they can weaken, deteriorate, and lose youthful vitality.

But regardless of your age, healthy teeth and gums are very important to your health. They are what help you chew food as you eat so you can maintain healthy nutrition.

Tamarac Dentist — Dental Care for the Elderly

Older adults need to see their dentist at least as often as their younger counterparts, if not more frequently. Dental problems can develop at any age, but older adults are more likely to experience specific issues such as tooth loss due to gum disease, broken or chipped teeth, and other time-related dental issues.

You only get one set of permanent teeth. So if you experience tooth loss or other major dental issues as you age, these problems need to be addressed so that you can continue to eat and chew food normally.

Treatment plans for older adults often include things like bridges, crowns, dental partials, implants, and other techniques that ensure oral health and the continued ability to fulfill nutritional requirements through normal eating.

Tamarac Dentist — Getting to the Dentist

One of the biggest obstacles for seniors is physically getting to the dentist’s office, especially if they no longer drive.

Today, however, older adults have more transportation options than ever before. In addition to public transportation like trains and buses, some communities offer service buses especially for senior citizens.

There also are ride-sharing apps you can use to get anyplace you want quickly and conveniently. Or you can always ask a relative, neighbor, or friend to give you a ride.

Getting proper dental care is important at any age, but especially for older adults. Call McCosh Family Dentistry to schedule your appointment today.