Understanding Your Dental Benefits

Many people have dental insurance but don’t know what it covers. As a result, a lot of people may be missing out on dental benefits to which they are entitled.

At McCosh Family Dentistry, we have a lot of experience dealing with dental benefit providers. So we can explain exactly what your dental insurance covers and how to get everything your insurance provides.

Your Coverage

Every dental insurance provider is a little bit different. A few will cover just about everything carte blanche while others require separate approval for every little procedure, including cleanings or dental visits. Needless to say, it’s important to get full value from your coverage because you are paying for it either directly or indirectly.

Some dental providers require premiums to be paid directly from the person being covered. Others are included as part of employment benefits but this is often in lieu of higher wages. So either way, you are paying for your dental benefits. They aren’t free.

Getting Full Value

When you look at dental insurance from this perspective, it makes perfect sense to get everything you are paying for. We can help.

Our billing department has vast experience dealing with dental insurance providers. So we can review your benefits and explain exactly what is covered and what isn’t. This helps make informed decisions about your family’s dental care while maximizing the benefits that you are paying for, either directly or indirectly.

At McCosh Family Dentistry, we want to help you make the most of your smile.