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Sugary Treats and Healthy Teeth

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Just about everybody loves sugary treats. Things like cookies, candies, soda pop, and bakery goods are some of life’s greatest pleasures.


They also can help improve your mood, celebrate special events, and even give you quick energy when you need it.


But while we all like sugar-filled treats, it’s also important to understand the costs of indulging in them. Not only can the effect your waistline, but without the proper follow-up, they can impact your smile as well.


Moderation and Awareness


Sugary treats are one of the “once in a while” foods that can make life just a little bit better. But too many sugary foods can have a grave impact on your health. Eating them too often or making them the focus of your everyday diet can lead to problems such as obesity, big swings in your blood sugar, and in the long run even health issues such as diabetes.


Sugar also can be harmful to the enamel found on the outside of your teeth. This thin surface helps protect your teeth from rot and decay. But if allowed to sit too long on your teeth, sugar can actually break down this enamel and eventually form cavities and other problems.


That’s not to say you shouldn’t eat sugary foods if they make you happy. Just use common sense and moderation, as well as an awareness of what they can do to your body and smile.


Balance and Control


If you do eat sugary foods, it’s important to brush your teeth afterward. Flossing and using mouthwash will also help remove the sugary residue that can harm your teeth.


Sugary foods can make life better. But they also can make your health worse if they aren’t controlled. Eating sugary foods in moderation and brushing, flossing, and rinsing your mouth afterward let you enjoy life to the fullest while still protecting your smile.


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