Spring Cleaning for Your Teeth!


It’s spring! And that means it’s time for throwing open windows, rolling up your sleeves, and setting your sights on a deep spring cleaning of your home or business.

There’s something liberating about getting your space ready for summer after a long winter’s seclusion. So why not extend your spring cleaning to your teeth and gums as well by making an appointment for teeth cleaning at McCosh Family Dentistry?

Spring Fever

Spring is the season of renewal. It’s when the flowers, trees, and grasses wake up from their winter’s slumber, when professional baseball players get ready for the long summer season, and when people start coming out of their homes and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine again.

That’s why spring is also the perfect time of year for teeth cleaning. For one thing, you’re going to smile more now that the winter’s finally over. So shouldn’t your smile be as bright as it can be?

For another, summer is truly right around the corner. That means the busiest time of the year for socializing, getting out, and having fun. Preparing for summer now by scheduling your spring teeth cleaning saves you time and frees up your schedule later.

McCosh Family Dentistry

Spring teeth cleaning is an annual tradition for many families. This year, make it a part of your yearly springtime routine by calling to schedule teeth cleaning appointments for everybody in your household.

It’s spring! Have fun, get out, and enjoy the warming weather. And start by making your spring teeth cleaning appointment TODAY!