How to See the Dentist Less Frequently

At McCosh Family Dentistry, we love seeing our patients for their annual checkups and regular teeth cleaning appointments. But we also understand that nobody wants to see their dentist more than they have to.

Good oral health is the key to minimizing non-routine trips to the dentist’s office. When you make taking care of your teeth and gums part of your daily routine, it becomes second nature.

Tamarac Dentist — Brushing Essentials

Everybody should brush their teeth at least twice daily. Ideally, you should brush your teeth after every meal, although that is not always practical. When it’s not, at least try to rinse your out with water.

When you brush your teeth, make sure to use a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Fortunately, most of the major brands already do.

It’s also important to floss daily. This removes food particles that can become trapped between teeth. When these food particles deteriorate over time, it’s one of the leading cause of halitosis or bad breath.

Tamarac Dentist — Consider Sealants for Children

To help protect the teeth of both children and adults, consider sealants. These are a protective plastic coating that is applied to the chewing surface of back teeth.

Sealants seal off the grooves and crannies that can collect food and also help protect tooth enamel from plaque and acid. The US Centers for  Disease Control and Prevention recommends that sealants be used to protect the teeth of school-aged children. They can last up to 10 years, but they should be checked regularly for damage.

Tamarac Dentist — Drink Tap Water, Not Soda Pop

One of the best liquids for your teeth — as well as the rest of your body — is good, old-fashioned tap water. Most communities add fluoride to their water supplies so tap water actually helps protect your teeth.

Soda pop and other sweet drinks contain sugar and can create acids that can destroy tooth enamel. When you drink soda pop — even sugar-free sodas — it can put your teeth at increased risk.