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Schedule All Your 2018 Appointments at Once

Regular Dental Care Could Be Good for Heart Health

With the new year just a couple of weeks away, many people are thinking about their New Year’s resolutions — or the things they plan to do in the coming year to make their lives better.


At McCosh Family Dentistry, the new year brings a new schedule of patient appointments. And our appointment schedule book for 2018 already is filling up fast.


If you want to ensure you get the dates and times that are most convenient for you and your family, the time to schedule your appointments for next year is right now.


Tamarac Dentist — Cleanings and Checkups


Depending on your dental insurance, you may be entitled to up to two teeth cleanings and one or two dental checkups per year. Because these aren’t emergency treatments, you can schedule these appointments whenever you want.


It’s a good idea to schedule your teeth cleaning and dental check-up appointments well in advance. That way you can ensure that they are scheduled when it is most convenient for you.


For example, after school appointments for your children may prevent them from having to miss class time. Or scheduling early morning or late afternoon appointments for the working people in your family could mean they don’t have to take time off from work.


Schedule All Your 2018 Appointments at Once – Plan Ahead


At McCosh Family Dentistry, you can make your appointments as far in advance as you want. If it’s more convenient for you to schedule routine dental appointments during the summer, that’s perfectly fine.


But scheduling your appointments now when our patient schedule is more wide open can help ensure that you get the times and dates that are most convenient for you.


Get ready for the new year by scheduling all of your family’s dental appointments with McCosh Family Dentistry as early as possible so you can start the New Year off right!

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