You Are Not Just Another Patient at McCosh Family Dentistry

You Are Not Just Another Patient at McCosh Family DentistryThere are hundreds of dentists in South Florida and they all provide the same basic dental services. You can get your teeth cleaned, crooked teeth straightened, and cavities filled just about anywhere.

So why should you choose McCosh Family Dentistry in Margate over all the others? The answer is simple: We treat you like a person, not just another patient.

Personalized Service

The difference between our dental practice and all the others is evident before you even visit our offices. When your first call for an appointment, you will be greeted by a friendly and helpful phone operator who is genuinely happy to hear from you.

This commitment to outstanding customer service is sustained throughout your dental experience. When you arrive at our clean, bright, and spacious offices, you will be treated like a friend and neighbor, not like just another in a long line of patients.

Our highly trained and experienced dental staff will strive to remember your name and use it whenever possible. Plus, you will always be greeted with a smile and friendly manner.

The McCosh Family Difference

These may seem like little things. But they are all too rare in today’s environment of volume-driven dentistry. When you visit many other dental practices, you may be shocked by how impersonal and indifferent the staff is toward your needs. And it can seem like the only time they want to learn anything about you is when they are asking about your payment method.

But not at McCosh Family Dentistry. We make it a priority to treat our patients as if they were members of our own family. When you are here, you can count on being treated with the dignity and respect you deserve. You will be made to feel like you belong here.

And that’s the McCosh Family Dentistry difference. It’s right there in our name: “Family”!