Questions about Your Dental Insurance? We Can Help!

If you have dental insurance as part of your benefits package with your employer, you may think that you never have to pay for anything when you visit the dentist.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Or even ever the case.

With most dental insurance policies, there usually is a deductible that has to be met by the policyholder that has to be paid before the dental benefits kick in. This could be as low as $100 per year or as high as thousands per year, depending on the policy.

Margate Dentist — Pay Your Co-Pay

Other dental insurance policies require the policyholder to pay a co-pay for every visit. This is usually a small amount that is paid upfront. Typically it is less than $100, but it can be higher depending on the policy.

Every person covered by the plan may have to pay the co-pay when they visit the dentist. And just because there is a co-pay doesn’t mean there also isn’t a deductible as well. Again, it depends on the policy.

Margate Dentist — Reimbursement for Treatment 

A growing number of dental insurances require the policyholder to pay some or all of the dentist’s bill upfront. The insurance company may then reimburse the person for the costs after they have reviewed the treatment.

In some cases, dental insurers may put a cap on the annual amount they will cover per person covered by the policy. Or they may cover some services such as annual dental exams or teeth cleanings, but not others.

If you aren’t sure what your dental insurance covers and what it doesn’t, we can help. Simply bring your insurance information to our offices or before your next appointment and we can usually answer any coverage questions you might have.

We work with dental insurance companies every day. So we can help you get the most from your dental benefits.