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Moderation Is the Key to Enjoying Holiday Treats

Moderation Is the Key to Enjoying Holiday Treats

During the holidays, there are a lot of sweet temptations. From sugar cookies to holiday cakes and more, it often seems as if there is a decadent treat around every corner this time of year.


While enjoying holiday treats is an annual tradition for many, too many sugary snacks can cause harm to your teeth. The key to enjoying the wonderful sweet treats the holidays have to offer is through moderation and self-control.


Enjoy in Moderation


You don’t necessarily have to avoid sugary holiday treats altogether. The holidays only come once per year and enjoying traditional treats is part of what makes the experience special for many people.


The key is to enjoy sugary treats like cookies, cakes, and sweet holiday drinks in moderation. You don’t need to fill your plate at the dessert table. Instead, simply sample a little of this and a little of that in order to benefit from the whole experience without overloading on sugar.


Having a little sugar won’t cause long-term harm to your teeth. But a lot of sweets over a long period of time can contribute to tooth decay, which can lead to gum disease and other dental issues.


Don’t Forget to Brush


Whether you have only a few sweet treats or overdo it entirely, you can minimize the risk to your teeth by brushing after every meal. When sugar sits on the surface of the teeth, it can erode the protective coating that keeps the tooth safe.


When you brush frequently, you remove much of the surface sugar before it can do any harm. So it’s a good idea to keep a toothbrush and a travel-size tube of tooth paste with you when you go to holiday parties where sweet treats are going to be served.


The holidays are meant to be enjoyed. Don’t pass up the sweets table. Instead, use a little self-control and make sure to brush your teeth when you are done.

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