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Leading Causes of Dental Damage

Changing Dentists Can Be a Challenge

Your teeth are just as susceptible to injury as other parts of your body. But with proper dental care, restoring and repairing your teeth after dental damage caused by an accident or another cause can make your teeth better than brand new.


Because your teeth are inside your mouth and surrounded by your gums, cheeks, and tongue, they are somewhat more protected from minor injuries like cuts and burns than things like your feet or hands. But there are still many everyday activities that can increase your chances of suffering dental damage.


Collisions and Trauma


One of the most common causes of broken, chipped, or damaged teeth are collisions with hard objects. These can be the result of a trip and fall accident, an accident at work, or a car crash.


Another common cause of collision damage to your teeth — especially among younger people — is sports. Violent sports like football and hockey can lead to lost teeth, broken teeth, chips, and other dental damage. That’s why it’s so important for athletes to wear protective equipment like mouth guards, face masks, and helmets.


Choices Can Increase Risks


If you smoke or chew tobacco, you may be more at risk for dental damage, especially things like tooth infections, tooth loss, and even oral cancer. Stopping these activities now can reduce your risk of dental damage in the future.


Another choice that can lead to dental damage is wearing mouth jewelry like lip rings, tongue rings, and prosthetics that fit over the teeth. These can inhibit oral health and can lead to gum inflammation, cracked teeth, and increase your risk of contracting hepatitis and other infectious diseases.


Wisdom teeth are another common cause of dental damage. As they grow in the rear of your mouth, they can push the other teeth, help promote tooth decay and infections, as well as crossbites.


The good news is that most dental damage can be fixed. Visit McCosh Family Dentistry for a comprehensive examination so you can learn more about your restoration and repair options.

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