Dental Problems Sometimes Run in Families

Do you want to get an idea of what your teeth are going to look like when you are older? All you usually need to do is look at your parent’s teeth.

Dental issues tend to run in families. Some of this has to do with genetics. If your parents or grandparents have crooked teeth, for example, odds are you will have them as well.

Another issue is environmental. In other words, the household in which you were raised. If your parents were sticklers about brushing, flossing, and other daily dental care, you probably will be as well. But if your family had a lax attitude toward dental health, it may be passed down to you and even your own children later on.

Tamarac Dentist — Habits Can Change

There’s not a lot you can do to change your genetic makeup. But you can put an end today to any bad oral health habits you may have learned growing up.

Adopting proper dental health procedures like brushing and flossing regularly and seeing your dentist at least once or twice per year don’t just reverse familial attitudes toward oral health. They also can address and correct any dental problems that have developed over time.

Tamarac Dentist — Advanced Dental Care

One of the reasons earlier generations often had a negative attitude towards oral health was because dentistry was not nearly as advanced as it is today. In the early and mid-20th Century, a common treatment approach to many dental problems was to simply pull out the diseased tooth, or another painful procedure.

But today, dental care is much more advanced than it was just a few decades ago. Neary all dental procedures are essentially pain-free and most let patients keep their own teeth whenever possible.

Times have changed. Isn’t it time your attitude toward dental health changed, too?