Dental Benefits Are Part of Your Compensation

You wouldn’t leave part of your paycheck sitting in your desk drawer every week, would you? Nor would you forget to take your vacation days. That’s because the money you are paid and the paid time off you earn are part of the compensation package your employer gives you in exchange for your hard work.

So are your dental benefits. So why wouldn’t you want to use all of the dental benefits to which you and your family are entitled?

Insurance Providers

Yet that’s exactly what many people. Either because they don’t like going to the dentist, they aren’t aware of what their dental benefits are, or simply that they forget to use them, a lot of dental benefits simply go to waste every year.

And that’s exactly what insurance providers are counting on. They get paid a premium to provide dental insurance — either by your employer, by you directly, or a combination of the two — but if you don’t use them they don’t have to pay out a service provider. And that’s money from your pocket into theirs with nothing in return.

Hard Work

You work hard at your job. And you deserve all the compensation your employer provides — including taking full advantage of your dental benefits.

Many dental insurance policies cover a range of services, such as annual checkups, teeth cleanings, and even all or part of dental procedures like extractions, crowns, root canals, and bridges. Some even cover part of cosmetic procedures like veneers or braces.

Not sure what your dental benefits cover? No worries! McCosh Family Dentistry can help. Just ask us during your next appointment or contact us with your insurance information and we will be happy to help you get everything you deserve from your dental insurance benefits.