Choose McCosh Family Dental for Your South Florida Invisalign

If you have been living with crooked of misaligned teeth, not only are your teeth unsightly, but they also are more difficult to keep clean. And teeth that can’t be cleaned properly can be more susceptible to periodontal disease.

People with crooked teeth are more prone to gum and bone damage, as well as tooth loss.

The best way to properly align teeth is braces. But not everybody wants to deal with the appearance, discomfort, and pain of traditional braces. Many adults don’t want to wear braces because they make them feel self-conscious, especially at work.

Florida Invisalign — A Better Option

Invisalign clear braces offer a great alternative for adults who don’t want to wear traditional braces. They are barely noticeable and most people won’t even know you are wearing braces at all unless you tell them.

They are more attractive than traditional braces. Plus, because they aren’t made of chunky metal, they won’t get food caught between them without you knowing it.

Florida Invisalign — Removable for Comfort

Once traditional braces are installed in the mouth, they need to remain in place until the teeth are completely straight, a process that can take months or even years.

Invisalign braces can be removed by the wearer at any time for brief periods, such as while eating or drinking. When finished, they can simply be slipped back into place, offering maximum comfort and convenience.

Florida Invisalign — Work Faster than Traditional Braces

Depending on the condition of the patient’s teeth, some people may need to wear wire braces for up to five years.

But Invisalign braces can take from one year to 18 months to get your teeth straight. Plus, McCosh Family Dentistry uses technologically advanced computer modeling so you will know ahead of time exactly what to expect and how long Invisalign braces will take to straighten your teeth before you even start wearing them.

Invisalign braces offer a better option for many people. Find out more about if they are right for you by contacting McCosh Family Dental today.