Blowing Off Your Dental Appointment a Bad Idea

In dental offices, there is always a certain percentage of patients who will miss their dental appointments. But lately, more people are skipping their appointments without calling, rescheduling, or notifying staff that they won’t be showing up. Not only is this annoying for the dental office, but it’s also disrespectful to other patients who may have been denied an appointment time in order to accommodate this thoughtless patient.

But there are other consequences to “blowing off” a dental appointment, including poor dental health, harm to your reputation, and possibly being dropped as a patient by your dentist.

Forgetting Your Appointment 

Some people legitimately forget about their dental appointments. Scheduled visits sometimes are made months or even a year in advance. So while this is frustrating for dental office schedulers, it’s at least understandable.

Setting a reminder on your phone is very easy to do. Your smartphone can tell you a few days ahead of time, the day before, and the morning of your dental appointment so that there is zero chance of forgetting.

Being Courteous and Kind

Unfortunately, even in the age of smartphones it often seems as if the number of patients completely ignoring a dental appointment is growing. Some people simply don’t show up with no reason given.

At McCosh Family Dentistry, we don’t mind rescheduling your appointment if the time is inconvenient for you. We understand that life can be complicated sometimes. That’s why we make every effort to accommodate our patients so that they can get top-quality dental care with minimal disruption to their busy schedules.

Don’t be one of those discourteous people who blow off dental appointments without calling. If you can’t make your scheduled time, just give us a call. We will be happy to find a new time that is more convenient for you.