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3 Reasons to Look Forward to Visiting Your Dentist

3 Reasons to Look Forward to Visiting Your Dentist

Dentists get a bad reputation. And it’s not always accurate.


Many people dread their dentist appointment or avoid dentists altogether because they fear a painful, unpleasant experience. And while that may have been the norm in the past, thanks to modern dental techniques it simply isn’t true anymore.


Going to the dentist today is often no more painful than visiting your doctor. Or seeing your hairstylist or barber. Today, there are actually genuinely good reasons to look forward to seeing your dentist. Here are three.


Preventative Dentistry


When you see your dentist regularly, he or she can identify potential problems with your teeth before they take hold and become more serious.


That means simple, painless treatments now — like examinations, teeth cleaning, and preventative care such as fluoride treatments — can prevent prolonged, painful and disruptive dental procedures later.


Helping Stop the Hurt


Having a toothache is one of the most painful and uncomfortable things humans can experience. Dentists can stop the pain then treat the underlying issue so that it doesn’t reoccur.


Although waiting until you have a toothache before seeing your dentist isn’t a great idea, it’s good to know that if you should experience tooth pain your dentist is available to help.


Friendly, Professional Health Care


Unlike Canada, the UK, and other countries, in the US dental compete for patients in a free market. So dentists who provide a comfortable, friendly, and pleasant experience are more likely to attract patients than dental practices that offer industrial, cookie-cutter, one size fits all treatments.


At McCosh Family Dental, we treat all of our patients as if they were our own family or friends. That’s because they are! Once you join our roster of patients, you can expect the kind of kind, comfortable, yet professional dental care that will have you actually looking forward to your next dental appointment.

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