This 1 Weird Trick Can Boost Productivity All Day

Margate-DentistOnly 4 out of 10 people in the US floss daily. And 2 out of 10 never floss at all, according to a recent survey conducted by Delta Dental.

That’s bad news because flossing not only improves the long-term health of your teeth and protects against the development of cavities and gum disease, it’s also one of the best ways to keep you from having bad breath.

Time Challenges

One of the biggest reasons people don’t floss is because they think it’s going to take too much time. And when they already are rushing to get ready in the morning for work, school, or simply to start their day, the last thing they want to do is add another daily chore to their morning routine.

So how can you give yourself time to floss each day to protect your smile and improve your breath while at the same time giving you more time to get organized before starting your busy day? The answer is simple: Just set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than you normally do every day.

Time Is On Your Side

If you normally get up at 7 a.m. for example, simply set your alarm clock or smartphone to wake you at 6:45 a.m.

Most people aren’t going to suffer if they sleep 15 minutes less per day. And if you do find that getting up just a few minutes earlier affects your energy levels, you can always go to bed 15 minutes earlier the night before.

But the benefits are well worth the sacrifice. Once you add flossing to your morning routine, your breath will be fresher, your smile will be brighter, and you can dramatically decrease your risk of having dental problems down the line.

Plus, you will have more time for everything else in your morning routine so you can start your day with less stress, more accomplishments, and with a more confident and determined attitude.